girl looking for a guy  

You looked like your nickname would be "that guy"

Thursday April 24, 2008 at 2:36 pm

I see you every morning on the 7 train except Fridays. Where do you go on Fridays? I think I may have also seen you on the 6 train on Friday. I am very intrigued by your spiked, gelled hair and your incredible fade. You also have great eyebrows..where do you get them done??? I have noticed that you have started wearing Burberry polos and look great. I bet that you are "that guy" at work because of your stand-out charm. You are not my usual type, however for you I will make the exception for the Indian man. Your crisp white shirt looks like it has extra starch. You look like a natural sandbagger. I hope I continue to see you on the 7 train on Monday-Thursdays.

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