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Brazilian Beauty on the 7 Train

Wednesday August 20, 2008 at 11:31 pm

You: Your impeccable gym-sculpted figure was dressed beautifully in a gray halter top with faded jeans and gray matching sneakers. You switched back and forth from your iPod to your cell phone and seemed to get into various heated arguments before getting off at the Junction stop.

Me: Although you stood on the 7 Train, I sat accross from you mesmorized by your sexy Portuguese accent. I was still in my work clothes... blue pants with a blue and black striped longsleeve and you caught me staring at you. I finished my sandwich in a hurry and then talked to my brother about baseball thinking about you.

I am in love with your body, you eyes, and the way that you talk. If you read this, please know that the guy that walks up to you and ask "Brasileira?" is the same one who wrote this tribute to a beautiful Brazilian beauty on the 7 train.

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