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Lady Wearing a Black and Gray Striped Top and Silver Rosary ... Tues 9/23 round 3pm

Friday September 26, 2008 at 2:16 am

I got on towards the back of the F-Train at Jay-St around 3pm Sept 23 and saw her already on it. She has brunette or really dark hair, ethnicity wise she had a Mediterranean skin tone and was wearing a Black and Gray striped top, Dark gray jeans, black boots which stopped around her calve and a large beautiful Silver Rosary around her neck.
She was reading a book with a pink cover and the title on the side had white letters, it seemed she was around the beginning of the part book as well. Anyway she got off at the 63rd St Lexington Av Station she seemed to have either an Iphone or the Ipod Touch.

I truly wanted to go up and talk to you but you seemed so absorbed in your book I chose not to, a decision I regret as I may not have another chance.

If you happen to read this or someone who recognizes/knows her happens to read this please let me know. Thank You.

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