girl looking for a guy  

10/20/08, 23rd st. 5:15-5:40pm, TO: Dredlocks, Corduroy Jacket, Gray Backpack

Tuesday October 21, 2008 at 11:39 pm

We both got on at 23rd st. The train was crowded, you stood by the door the whole time. You were wearing an olive green corduroy jacket, blue jeans, and a gray backpack. Brown shoes I think. Shoulder length dreds. We were at the same end of the car and I was standing next to the 3 seats in the corner. Blk girl, Red jacket, blue scarf, twist extensions. We kept glancing at each other but never said a word. I loved your dreds, thought you were very cute but was too nervous to approach you on a crowded train. I got off the F at 71st street and passed right by you. You were beautifullly mysterious looking. Would love to find you again.

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