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Too pretty to be reading poetry on the downtown A, 6:40ish Thurs. eve., 3/5/09

Friday March 06, 2009 at 1:28 am

It's probably a hazard of NY to be perpetually seeing beautiful people on the subway and then missing your chance to speak to them; but this one seemed like such a foolishly missed opportunity that I had to post it. Do normal people read Missed Connections? on the downtown A at 181st Street and were reading what looked like a book of poetry. Reddish hair, long, thin fingers, luminous pallor, and beautiful eyes under dark, heavy lashes; black Northface coat with a furry hood, black tights with small white polkadots, strangely patterned grayish backpack; when our train stalled interminably at 145th, you sighed heavily and smiled what can only be described as a beautiful, rueful smile...

ME: Sitting directly across from you in a black coat, gray scarf, heavy-framed glasses, pretending to read a novel, but in the process of cataloging all that stuff about you, I think I read about a sentence and a half. We both scowled when a "performance artist" got on the train and started reciting his verse at the top of his lungs.

When the train stopped at 145th, and an increasingly dire series of announcements came over the PA, we both darted. You got on a C across the platform; I hesitated and then went for a B downstairs. I think I probably won -- the B started moving a minute later -- but the whole way down I was kicking myself for not asking: "What are you reading? Any good?"

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