guy looking for a girl  

Asian girl wearing a newsboy cap + backpack who exited 23 st. around 8:55am today (3/27/09)

Friday March 27, 2009 at 11:20 am

We were on a crowded rush hour train and kept getting pushed back as more people entered. I think you got on around Jay St.? Eventually we ended up sitting next to one another in silence: me reading The God Delusion (bright, silver cover) and occasionally stealing a glance; you reading some magazine article on cheap eats. You had on a newsboy/kangol hat embedded with a faux jewel-thingy, some chucks, and a black backpack. I was a victim of business casual workwear: gray sweater over a collared shirt + khakis + dark gray trenchcoat (I so wanted you to know that I was chucks and jeans kind of guy).

We had a brief exchange as I noticed you were getting ready to exit 23rd St. I got up to let you out of the inside seat. You smiled and thanked me as you got up to leave. I watched the subway doors close and immediately regretted not ditching work to jump out with you on 23rd St. to ask you out for coffee or drinks.

See you around the same time Monday (hopefully?).

-- Asian Guy with shaved head.

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