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We smiled at each other across the 96th St platform for a while while you were in the 1...

Wednesday April 22, 2009 at 11:14 pm

You yawned, I remember, adjusted your bag and got off at the 72nd, I'm sure. You were so pretty, black hair, and you wore a black suit attire with a white collared shirt. You had a black iPod, and you held it with the screen facing down, and I think you had cream colored earphones. You had a small, black handbag. I was to your right.

I had a black laptop bag, wearing a blue hollister sweater, with a light brown collared shirt, a white undershirt and a crucifix as a necklace. My jeans were blue, sorta faded, had weird rips on them, and I had brown/dark brown dress shoes. My earphones were black and the earbuds had chrome red on them.

We smiled and looked at each other for the longest across the platform around 5:30 PM, give or take. You have a wonderful smile.

Hi. =)

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