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You shared your grapefruit with me

Thursday January 14, 2010 at 11:55 pm

My name is Dan. Your name is Liz. We met this evening on the first car on the southbound 1 train in the Bronx just after 5:30 this evening. You were eating a grapefruit. I commented on how delicious it smelled. You then gave me half of your grapefruit and told me just how to peel it to make it taste really delicious. You then sat next to me. We spoke for a while. We were talking about the field of speech therapy for a while. Just before you got off, I asked if you wanted to exchange numbers. You said that you don't normally talk to people on trains. Neither do I! Perhaps I waited too long to ask. But if by any chance you're reading this and change your mind about corresponding, I would love to speak with you again. Perhaps we could meet up again where I could share my grapefruit with you and return the favor :)


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