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To the Boy who looked Angry and Defeated

Wednesday January 27, 2010 at 10:40 pm

It happened awhile back. Maybe back in November? I still remember you. I was sitting in the subway at Main St-Flushing, waiting for the train to leave. You came in with your friend who looked aloof and sat down angrily across me. You kept punching the pole that was next to you. I kept glancing at you, wondering why you were so angry. During the whole train ride, I kept glancing at you and hoping you make eye contact with me. Maybe we did make eye contact. Maybe not. It might have just been my imagination. But you looked defeated and sighed so much. I wonder what event led you to feel that way. Were you regretting what happened back in Flushing? My thoughts were about you during the whole train ride and til I got off at 69th st. Before I went, I looked back but your eyes were close in frustration. Even now, I still think about you and wondered if you felt any better afterwards. Even though, I don't know you and just happen to cross paths that one November night, I hope to see you again wherever.

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