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Oh the sweet possibilities...

Saturday July 03, 2010 at 12:17 am

Had my two young boys with me (divorced). It was near eleven pm. I was mending the sheep as they slept. You got on and my carriage blocked you. We made eye contact and I felt your soul. You pushed a tourist out of the way to get that spot next to me... I hoped it was because you felt the same attraction I felt. I was so happy you wanted a seat. When you sat the train lurched and you grabbed the stroller and I grabbed you. You fell into me and apologized. For what? We sat too close for strangers, but that is what happens when two hearts race. We talked about where I was that day with kids. You asked beach? I spaced out as you so slayed me as to stop my mind from working. I eventually said Coney Island after admitting I blanked out... For the fireworks. But, said I was at Robert Moses that day too. You said you were going there tomorrow. I said I was walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. I joked that my kids crapped out and I was ready for more. The banter was surreal. Is it you? I don't know you but felt as if you came back into my life. It just felt right. As easy and as natural as breathing. Maybe it was my wishful thinking. You mentioned the extra attachment on the stroller. I would have talked about anything you wanted, just as long as I could feel you next to me. And then we hit 42nd Street and for a moment, you paused and realized you could make a connection on the 4,5. My heart skipped a beat. I wanted to ask why? Couldn't you ride with me? Maybe you thought I was married. Is this how it happens? The woman you dream of comes and goes faster than a swipe of a Metro Card? I said I'd see you around with such certainty and then watched you walk to the other side of the platform. As the doors closed I saw one of the best futures I could imagined close with it. "Stand clear of the closing doors". That phrase will have new meaning from now on, as will the #6 every time it stops at 42nd Street, whether I have my kids or not. I'll look for you and simply remember some of the best few minutes I've ever spent on a subway, or anywhere else for that matter. Most of all, I'll regret not simply asking you to ride the local. We could have had an amazing ride.

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