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Q Train Giveth and it Taketh Away: Q to Queens @ Queensboro Plaza Last Wed

Wednesday March 21, 2012 at 7:04 pm

It’s probably impossible to meet you again; it was a week since we meet and nothing excuses my inability to open my mouth but to say good evening as I exited the Q train to get on the 7 train. You stared at me and I glared back; I wore my electric blue suit, you were NYC chic. I’m sick now that I can’t find you. You stared at me as I walked out, when I turned waiting on my train your gaze was fixed upon me, cursed 7 train. When I noticed, I gazed back and waved. Our gaze lasted forever and ended in seconds as your Q train to Queens took you last Wednesday wherever you were headed.

Please God, to meet him again.

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