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Two times of awesomeness

Wednesday June 13, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Today was the second time I saw you in the AM on the L Train. First time I saw you waiting at the Bedford avenue stop, with all the people waiting and pushing around. I saw you and I was in AWE! I couldn't stop looking your way, looking into your hazel/greenish eyes, feeling like I was transported to another world.
You just standing with your, what looked like, iced coffee. Me with braids I think and who knows what I was wearing, but I was like geez I wish I looked like I do usually, must have been like blah casual day. Who knows if you are single or not? gay or straight?
I felt something I've never felt with someone that I just looked at. I thought of when people say "when you know, you know". If that is the feeling then I guess I know. Let me just say "Life surprises you!" just when you think things can't happen, and when you think you can't feel a certain way. It's probably never going to happen that I'll see you or that you would even ever talk to me.
Yet Today after taking the Lorimer L train to the city the last week or so I decided to take the L train on Bedford. You must have changed your stop too because you were a door away but on the other side of the train, where the Lorimer platform is. I didn't know it was you again. Until our eyes connected and saw that you had your hair was back not to the side like you did when I first saw you, and I noticed you had a scar on your chin. Again you have your beverage, which cup said "green...." and your shoulder bag. This time I looked more presentable, with a light purple sweater with pearl beads on it, my hair straight and brown.
I thought to myself how to me you were the most handsome guy on earth, but you were just an average, normal guy. I can't till the day I see you again. Hope you talk to me and that I don't say anything dumb.

This is weird and awesome at the same time. Weird to think I have a crush on you, some random guy on the train, and that I'm posting on here. But awesome that when I least expected it, feelings I haven't felt in a while were awakened, and not like sexual ones, although you are so hot, but it was more of that cute, innocent, everlasting kind of feeling. THANK YOU! ;)

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