guy looking for a girl  

Friday at 4:00 on the C -- Glances that strayed into eyes locked, which broke into a smile, over and over -- me in a canvas hat, you in a duck-brown coat...

Saturday April 13, 2013 at 2:56 pm

You were professionally dressed but astonishing -- almost pixie-cut auburn-red hair, light-brown coat, lightweight sweater of pink-orange, black skirt and stockings, polished boots, one ring on you left index finger and one on your right middle, eggplant nail polish, earbeads with white rims and black cores. Yes, I was watching you... how could I help it? Coming from or going to an interview? Leaving work early? I was shlubby by comparison. Raincoat and hat, red -and-black bag. Should have sat down next to you when those two seats opened up... Instead I lingered and almost missed my stop. I wish I had. Don't make me have to bribe the MTA or endanger all of history by building a time machine. radcliffe136a a t hotm---.

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