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Guy reading book for class.

Sunday April 14, 2013 at 12:11 am

I was on the train, coming from work and I saw this cute guy and he smiled at me. Being me I thought I was delusional but smiled back none the less. He smiled at me again. Wonderfully enough, the guy next to him got up and he smiled at me again. I sat down next to him. I bumped his leg by accident and apologized. After twiddling my thumbs for a minute or two, I struck up a conversation. He told me about the book he was reading. He hadn't been reading it that long and said "the verdict was still out" on how good it was. It was for one of his classes, something about Spanish quotes. Then he asked me if I was in school and what I was studying. I was going to respond but then his stop came up (I think it was Fulton Street but it could have been any stop after Brooklyn Bridge...I got on the train at 14th Street Union Square). He smiled and told me that he would have loved to continue the conversation but he had to go. No name, no number, just mystery cutie gone off into NYC.

If this sounds like your experience or maybe a friend told you about this, respond to this post.

Guy's description: Tall, kind of thin, White.
My description: African American, short, wearing all black.

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