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14th and Union Square. You blew me a kiss

Sunday September 29, 2013 at 10:59 am

I was with my friend and her boyfriend on Saturday, September 14 - around 7:30pm.

You were wearing abstract toms, faded green pants and a gray t-shirt. I was wearing skinny black pants, heels, and a cardigan.

You were videotaping the jazz players on your phone while waiting for the L train to arrive. We kept making eye contact and smiling at each other. I was hoping you would approach me but your train arrived. I was hoping you were on the same L train headed towards downtown but you were heading uptown. You let everyone get in front of you and get on the train. You were last to get on it. The train doors closed and we were still looking at each other through the door windows. As the train picked up speed, you blew me a kiss!

It would be crazy if you ever saw this. But I hope you do.

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