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I only know your first name!!

Friday October 04, 2013 at 10:56 pm

This has been bothering me all week. I'm not normally the type of girl to overthink this type of thing, but Antonio, I haven't stopped thinking about you. We met at the Woodhaven boulevard stop in queens, we both switched to the E train at Roosevelt, you got off at 53rd and 7th, that was this past Tuesday morning, and I've been dressing up like an idiot every morning wearing that perfume u complimented me on, (stupidly) hoping I would run into you again. You shook my hand goodbye and said you hoped to see me again, well why didn't you get my number from the jump?! You said you get on at Woodhaven every day at the same time, haven't seen you since. Not that I'm surprised, life is funny that way sometimes. I regret not taking off my shades so you could see what I was feeling in my (brown) eyes, and how you affected me so much with one short meeting. I just hope you see this someday......

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