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To The Gorgeous Girl Who kept glancing at me and who's Friend proceeded to try and make me jealous by putting her arm over you

Friday July 11, 2014 at 12:05 am

Today, at around 9:40ish PM I was on the M minding my own business when you started a glance war. Uncomfortable states are far too common on NYC subways but you.... I just regret getting off at Seneca and not stalking you guys to Forest, Fresh Pond, or Metropolitan (I mean that jokingly ofcourse). You made a funny face before I stepped out and I smiled back. I assume you live somewhere in Ridgewood and if you DO read this by some miracle, I'd like you to know that my name is Peter Salamon and I also live in Ridgewood and I'd like to meet you and hang out sometime if the chance comes up.

Sincerely, The Guy That Was Making Eye Contact With You But Was Too Much Of A Wuss To Give You My Full Attention Earlier.

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