guy looking for a girl  

am feeling tortured & guilty that I missed U my dear :-(

Wednesday September 24, 2014 at 7:56 pm

I met this tall Asian classy girl @ 57th st. Q train station, she was just getting off the Q which apparently stopped short of service and she approached me & asked me if the N or R train stop here, she has a sweet lovely voice & a sharp personality, N train came shortly, she hopped in & got off @ 34 street. :-( I liked her A LOT, I HAD A CRUSH IN FACT ! AM DYING TO MEET HER AGAIN, I WANT HER TO BE MY LIFELONG COMPANION. She was wearing glasses, a hat, dressed in blue and had brown boots. I was in a brown outfit, this was at night in April this year. I was shy and stunned & did not know what to say, I feel guilty missing that wonderful girl :-(

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