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Tuesday June 09, 2015 at 12:27 pm

Here is much about me in full details, I'm Christina Kozak , 40 years old, I was born and grew up in England. According to what I learned from my Dad; they(Dad &Mom) came from different country "Australia/Germany" but they were both born and raised in the England plus went to the same college in Liverpool. Moreover, my Mom passed away when I was 8 and a year later after the death of Mom, me and Dad relocated to the Elgin, Illinois where i concluded my elementary and also my high school in Elgin. In the same vain, My Dad was a truck driver, Sept 16, 2001 he had an accident on his way to Chicago and he passed away few minutes after the accident. This was so hard on me and I tried all my possible best to get over it but as a young lady it was totally beyond my knowledge to continue this all alone. I moved down to Aunt Maurice apt, she was a neighbor and a good friend to my Dad, she sent me to college to be a Nurse because it has always been a dream to became a fine ,midwifery nurse like my Mum. So i proceeded my education and I graduated in Comprehensive Health Academy School of Practice Nursing, NE Washington DC. Aunt Maurice moved down to her daughter in LA and i became lonely single lady again. To brief the long story, I ran into a relationship with a man from Ukraine who I met in college. We dated for two years before we got married . We lived happily together as a family. He was an engineer and a very hardworking man who had traveled to many countries due to his work. , he received a road construction contract call in West Africa with Salini Construction Company in Nigeria, Niger State. He felt so bad to have received that king of contract because he wouldn't love to leave me behind,I persuaded him to go and he agreed on one condition only if both of us would go together as a family, Sigh,I hated the deal technically because I was scared of spending my whole day sitting in the plane, Lol. and more so, I have never been to Africa but heard about them.... We both agreed, when we got here, gosh, houses, roads, culture, everything were totally strange to us. We lodged in Swiss Hotel for security reason and being a stranger and he started his work the third day we got here.

April 05,2012,My husband and his colleagues were attacked by some group of Muslim terrorist called Boko Haram when they were working, 13 people were killed(Included my husband) and 4 were missing, no body found them nor their dead bodies...It was really a sad news for me cos I was totally lost in a deep sorrow, nobody to call on, what to do,who to call,where to go and even where to start from. I became a sadist and I tried to commit a suicide 2-3 times but something kept holding me back , .. I lost everything I had, no one, no family, nor love to share my joy with.. i like a man who will show me true feelings and happiness as a husband.. Sine then, life has became miserable for ME living in a strange land and I tried to contact the company he worked with before his death but they promised to get back to me after they are through with his files and haven't heard anything from the company till now. I stayed in the hotel till accommodation expired and the manager gave ME a week grace to leave the hotel since I was unable to continue with the payment of the hotel accommodation. I asked him for a favor and so I can earn some money and go back to the states. I started working and everything was very fine in the beginning before the manager of the hotel summoned me to come to his office and he asked if I could pass a night with him just to secure the hotel bill but I reject his offer and had to checked out the second day from the hotel. I went to the nearest church, told the Preacher everything with no secret, he accepted to take me in together with his family. Thank God we are safe living in the church missionary house, eat 2-3 times daily, go to church 2-3 times a week and these people have been so good to ME. For now am learning more about textile clothing and Art works to keep myself busy and gain more knowledge being in Africa. Furthermore,few days ago, I shared my loneliness life with preacher's wife and she was the one that introduced me to online dating that its a successful and easy to meet the right partner outside in any part of the world. I got on and i signed up. Right now I'm using the church missionary computer to get online any time I wish. I have been lonely for the past month and there is no happiness in loneliness,I believe in myself and I am a hardworking woman,.I am not materialistic and I am ready to love the right man with all my heart and he's going . I like share my experience with other and like to gain from others mistake. I like kids and I like to see people around me being happy cos in their happiness I found my joy. I am really hoping to meet a good man to start a serious and lifetime relationship together with. To me,distance is not a problem cos I am ready to relocate to the right man anywhere he may be but definitely its gonna be a mutual agreement between both of us and am ready to spend the rest of my life living by his side and help him grow in his dream. Also I need a job too so I'd not become a burden on my man, my profession is Nurse like i told you earlier and I hate to be a burden on people , I hate to see my self begging ! and i hope you will understand what it is to depend on someone to survive. I'm a very easy going lady, a good listener and open minded, a lady any man could dream of in terms of well behaving , good manner , understanding,caring down to earth, romantic, family oriented and endurance.. Well, all am seeking is a man who will make me happy again, a man who is going wipe off my tears and restore my happiness..

So,this is how I ended up here in Nigeria .. i I hope my past won't scare you away from me. I will like to know your view on long distance relationship and internet dating cos I am just new to this. I will be very much happy to you and your past as well and please let me know what you really think . . I really wish to stay in touch with you because you sound so polite and friendly to .. Thanks

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