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April2014 you came in 79th uptown left in 116th Columbia university st.

Saturday December 07, 2019 at 4:52 am

The only way to get this out my head is if I let it out and write it down. My mind was on a rollercoaster right before you came in. You had on Oxford shoes blue eyes brunette sex hair. (I saw what you had on but your eyes are what got me from the jump. I had on a black polo skelly hat, combat laced up boots , black jeans and a black jacket and watery eyes also with a backpack on my lap. You came in 79th street. And stood with a bag for 2 stops. Once 96th approached you sat down right across from me and Instantly I had a sense of calmness. Not only did I like what saw I couldn’t turn my head away once my eyes locked in with yours . We locked in for a good 4 seconds till I realized where I was after. I was surprised you even looked my way, let alone for all those seconds. It showed me you saw what I saw. But..Yup I let it get the best of me with some nerves and overthinking. You grabbed your bag almost approaching me but with your other hand in the top pole of the train . This time I can tell you wanted to take a closer look. But I barely let it. I looked away while you were looking in confusion. I stood up quickly realizing I had 3 stops left. You left so confused I can tell. As 116 came I saw you walking by me exiting the train. We both couldn’t help ourselves but to eye each other one more time feeling lost. I regret blocking the connection however who knows if there was one. I would never know but wish I did.

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